We would like to invite you to come on in and have a look around so that you can get a feel for who we are, and what we are about. As a Church, we are a group of ordinary and down to earth people who happen to have had a dynamic and life changing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Each one of us has a personal and real story to tell of how the love and mercy of Jesus has impacted our lives in a real way and we would like you to know, that if he has changed our lives, then he can certainly change yours, whatever your situation. So, we hope you enjoy your stay! We would also like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to any of our services.




  • Forthcoming Events

    Sunday 8th March
    10:30 Sunday Service

    Tuesday 10th March
    19:30 Connect Groups

    Wednesday 11th March
    10:00 Little Fish

    Thursday 12th March
    10:00 Little Fish
    19:30 InSIGHT Academy Bible School

    Sunday 15th March
    10:30 Sunday Service

    Tuesday 17th March
    20:00 Encounter Prayer Meeting

    Wednesday 18th March
    10:00 Little Fish

    Thursday 19th March
    10:00 Little Fish
    19:30 InSIGHT Academy Bible School

    Sunday 22nd March
    10:30 Sunday Service

    Tuesday 24th March
    19:30 Connect Groups

    Thursday 26th March
    19:30 InSIGHT Academy Bible School


  • Latest Messages

    Click on the link below to listen to our latest audio files:

     Live the new life (Baptismal)
    Funeral - dying to self as we are baptised into His death. Live the new life.
     Gear changing moments
    In this message Pastor Dave highlights the need to be aware of approaching the Lord and our Christian faith with a right heart.
     9 Missional essentials.
    In this message, Barry emphasises the need for the message of the Gospel to be brought to the local community and highlights several ways by which this can be accomplished.
     Jesus, the Image of God
    In this message drawn from Colossians 1 Dr Letson emphasises the all supremacy of Jesus.


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