We would like to invite you to come on in and have a look around so that you can get a feel for who we are, and what we are about. As a Church, we are a group of ordinary and down to earth people who happen to have had a dynamic and life changing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Each one of us has a personal and real story to tell of how the love and mercy of Jesus has impacted our lives in a real way and we would like you to know, that if he has changed our lives, then he can certainly change yours, whatever your situation. So, we hope you enjoy your stay! We would also like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to any of our services.


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     Its God's Life, and its Now or Never
    In this message drawn from Luke 22:41-42, Rebekah unpacks something of what it means to surrender our personal hopes, dreams and aspirations to the Lord.
    In this message drawn from King Ahaz's life in 2 Chronicles 28, Dave draws some thoughts about the need to make good choices in life.
     What Use is My Offering
    In this message drawn from John 6:5-14, Pastor Dave explores some thoughts connected to the idea that even though we might feel we have little to offer the Lord, that very thing uniquely positions us to receive a miracle.
     Our Heavenly Citizenship
    in this message Dr Letson compares and contrasts our Heavenly citizenship in Jesus with that of our earthly citizenship.
     The Beleiver and the Presence of God
    In this message drawn from Judges 6, Pr. Colin looks at some of the implications that connect with the idea of the believer as a carrier of the presence of God.


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